Many adults struggle to gain or maintain weight due to a fast metabolism, illness, or high activity levels. While eating more calories is the main way to gain weight, weight gain shakes can provide an easy and nutritious way to add extra calories and nutrients into your diet. Weight gain shakes are a convenient, portable option for busy adults who need extra calories throughout the day.

This article will discuss the benefits of weight gain shakes, what to look for when choosing a shake, recipes, and tips for maximizing your weight gain results with shakes. Gaining weight in a healthy way requires a balanced diet and exercise, so shakes should be used as part of an overall lifestyle plan to reach your goals.

Benefits of Weight Gain Shakes

There are several reasons why weight gain shakes can be beneficial for adults:

  • Convenience – Shakes are quick and easy to make. You can take them on-the-go or drink them between meals. This makes it easier to get extra calories when you’re busy.
  • Nutrient-dense – Shakes allow you to pack in extra protein, carbs, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Choose shakes with high-quality ingredients to maximize nutrients.
  • Appetite stimulation – The liquid calories from shakes may stimulate your appetite, allowing you to eat more at meals.
  • Filling – Shakes help satisfy hunger between meals, providing lasting energy.
  • High calorie – It’s easier to consume more calories in liquid form. Shakes can range from 300-1,000 calories depending on ingredients.
  • Muscle gain – The protein in shakes can help build and preserve muscle mass when combined with strength training. This leads to long-term weight gain.

Choosing the Best Weight Gain Shake

When selecting a shake, look for the following:

  • High-quality protein – Whey and casein protein provide amino acids to build muscle. Look for at least 20-30g of protein per serving.
  • Slow-digesting carbs – Oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes provide long-lasting energy. Avoid refined sugar.
  • Healthy fats – Nuts, nut butters, olive oil, avocado, and coconut oil provide calories and vitamins.
  • Limited added sugars – Shakes high in added sugars can cause energy crashes. Opt for natural sweeteners like fruit.
  • Milk or milk alternatives – Use whole milk, soy milk, almond milk or yogurt for extra protein and calories.
  • Micronutrients – Look for shakes with added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Taste – Pick a shake flavor you enjoy so you’ll stick with it long-term. Chocolate, vanilla and fruit flavors are popular.
  • Dietary needs – Choose shakes that fit your dietary needs, like vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free options.

Weight Gain Shake Recipes

Weight gain shakes for adults

Here are some easy high-calorie shake recipes to help you gain weight:

Chocolate Peanut Butter – Blend milk, banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, oats, and Greek yogurt.

Vanilla Berry – Mix milk, berries, vanilla protein powder, avocado, almond butter, and ice.

Green Machine – Blend spinach, banana, avocado, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and wheat germ.

Pumpkin Pie – Combine pumpkin puree, banana, milk, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Blueberry Cheesecake – Mix cottage cheese, vanilla protein powder, milk, blueberries, and graham cracker crumbs.

Tips for Maximizing Weight Gain Shakes

Here are some tips to get the most out of weight gain shakes:

  • Drink your shake first thing in the morning or after a workout when your body is primed to absorb the nutrients.
  • Use a blender for a smooth, creamy texture that’s easy to digest.
  • Consume shakes in between meals, not as meal replacements. The extra calories promote weight gain.
  • Pair your shake with a small snack like fruit, nuts or yogurt for extra calories and nutrients.
  • Use shakes to reach your daily calorie goal on top of your normal food intake. Determine your calorie needs for weight gain first.
  • Exercise, especially lifting weights, to make sure the extra calories build muscle, not just fat.
  • Stick with shakes long-term. It takes consistent calorie surplus to see lasting weight gain. Be patient.
  • See a doctor or dietitian to set healthy expectations and get personalized guidance about shakes and overall diet.


Weight gain shakes provide an easy way for busy adults to pack extra calories and nutrition into their day. Choose shakes with high-quality ingredients tailored to your needs and goals. Combine shakes with an overall diet and exercise plan for long-term weight gain success. With consistency over time and realistic expectations, weight gain shakes can be a useful tool to help many adults reach a healthy weight.

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